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"Blue Shad" (#12) Crappie Rocket Jigs...Designed to Catch Big Crappie A Superior Jig
Made full size-trimmable
to meet the conditons.

The Crappie RocketTM   Custom built hybrid jig is designed with one thing in mind ... to catch BIG-CRAPPIE, plain and simple. These one-of-a-kind jigs have been tested and proven to catch not only large crappie, but also big bluegill, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white bass, and walleye. These are tough and tight all day jigs ... you can count on a full day of crappie catchin', many times 300+ crappie are caught on a single jig.  If you are a long-poler and a jig-soaker then please read on.

These beautiful jigs are painstakingly handcrafted from the finest materials available in nine assembly steps, including three coats of high quality lacquer. The painted heads are fitted with enamel eyes and sealed with another coat of lacquer after the baking process is completed.

All Crappie Rocket jigs come standard with tail and stomach flash materials and side bars with flash or black neck hackle. The colors of each style complement the head and hair color used on each jig pattern. Standard jigs are offered in 1/16 oz. with lazer sharp No. #4 bronze hooks in 6 head colors with solid eyes.  Standard pattern jigs are sold in packs of 3 for $4.99.  Any standard 1/16 oz. jig pattern can also be specialty tied in other sizes offered in the Special Order group.
Special order patterns are available upon request. We accept requests for head, weight, hair color, hook size and flash colors. The 1/32 oz. model is offered with #4 or #6 hook, the 1/16 oz. jig can be fitted with a #6, #4, or #2 hook, the 1/8 oz.jigs are available with #2 or #1 hook, and 1/4 oz. jigs are available with #1 hook only. Specialty jigs are $6.99 per three count bag. Specialty jigs are generally shipped two to three weeks after payment is received.

Inventory diminishes quickly during the pre-spawn and spawn periods, so when you place an order, please be patient. We strive to fill orders as quickly as possible without interfering with the quality and value of the jigs.

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